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What do we mean when we say different kinds of vaping?


There’s a lot of speculation in the vape industry about the different kinds of vaping there are out there; the sorts of inhales you can get from certain devices, what flavours are the best for all-day use and what’s the best sort of device to buy. Well, today we thought it’d be great to break all this down and explain some of the main vape terms and how you can figure out what sort of kit is right for you, what flavours you should consider and why these choices can help you in the long run.

So let’s de-mystify all the smoke and mirrors and break down what we mean when we say different kinds of vaping…

MTL vs. DTL Vaping

You might come across MTL and DTL quite a lot when you are shopping for new kits, e-liquids and other vape paraphernalia. You might read that a new device is “perfect for DTL vapers” or a new nic salt flavour is “created for MTL vaping”, but you may ask yourself – what does that mean? In a nutshell, these terms describe how you vape. It can be super useful to know the difference between these two styles, especially if you have just made the switch to vaping. If you have been vaping for a while, it might be a good idea to refresh your memory and ensure that any e-liquids or other vape products you buy match your preferred vaping style.

Mouth-to-Lung Vaping
What is Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) Vaping? MTL vaping stands for mouth-to-lung vaping and it does exactly what it says it does. Mouth-to-lung vaping will replicate the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette making it a very good way to introduce yourself to the world of vaping.

How it’s done:

Take a draw of vapour into your mouth.
Once the vapour is in your mouth, inhale it into your lungs, drawing in air at the same time.
Calmy exhale. Imagine mouth-to-lung vaping as if you’re drinking through a straw.
Mouth-to-lung vaping is commonly used by smokers who have just made the switch to vaping. Vaping mouth-to-lung is a good way of vaping subtly as it won’t produce as many clouds. Although MTL vaping won’t create huge clouds of vapour, it will deliver strong flavours and make the most out of your favourite e-liquid flavour. A lot of people prefer MTL vaping because it can be cheaper. Because it generally uses less e-liquid compared to a DTL device.

Direct-to-Lung Vaping
What is Direct-to-Lung Vaping? Direct-to-lung vaping is the opposite of the MTL style of vaping. It can take some getting used to, especially if you are a recent smoker and have become familiar with the MTL inhaling style for so long.

How it’s done:

Inhale slow and steady, directly into your lungs
3-5 second draw

If you appreciate thick clouds and a lungful of tasty vapour, then you will benefit from vaping direct-to-lung. Most people vape direct-to-lung if they perform vape cloud tricks. This vaping style can be a jolt to the lungs at first because it will be different to the smoking or vaping experience you have had before.

There are lots of devices that will support this method of vaping much better such as sub-ohm vape kits.

What Sort of Kit Is Best for Me?

Vape starter kits are typically MTL or mouth-to-lung kits. These come in many forms and answer the needs of the new vaper who is still accustomed to the feel and sensation of a cigarette. Vape pen starter kits or e-cigs are probably the most popular because of their simple design and familiar feel due to their slim pen-like shape. Pod starter kits are also popular with first-time vapers because of their small, compact designs and easy-to-fill pod tanks. Our ELFA pod kit is an innovative vape kit that lets you freely choose an e-liquid or nic salt you love without having to keep buying a new kit.

As you probably already know, disposable vapes are a great choice if you’re new to vaping or are keen to use a kit they wouldn’t mind losing. They’re a cheaper option that allows you to discover the benefits of vaping at a lower cost. With no charging required and no fire buttons to operate, ELFBAR disposables are draw-activated for ease of use, you simply, puff and go.

The most popular of the ELFBAR disposable range is the original ELFBAR 600 disposable with its 550mah battery making it the perfect all-day vape. The range has been expanded with a selection of exciting new disposables like the super-slim Cigalike and the ELFBAR T600 with a fun modern design to appeal to a wider audience who wishes to start vaping.

Sub-ohm kits are chosen for their ability to produce large clouds of vapour and offer DTL vaping.

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